It Works

EXPLORE has a large pool of world-class Scientists to choose from. We're here to augment your Analytics efforts with a flexible and affordable elastic resource. Work with us to
bolster your teams.

EXPLORE Intelligence

We have experience from helping you discover valuable work to do all the way through to deploying that work into production We're obsessed with delivering solutions that are valuable and keep that at the centre of all we do

Devops Process









What makes us special

We have the chops to solve your thorniest problems that deliver value to you

Our resources come into EXPLORE highly trained - we then spend 6 months upskilling them in the latest data tools and technologies so they can deliver from Day 1

We have a group of trained lecturers who have loads of real-world problem solving experience who prepare our EXPLORERs for client work

In addition to this we have Lead Scientists at hand to coach and supervise our EXPLORERs during the client engagement

We promise a white glove service where an EXPLORER lands and can add value into your team from Day 1
Any problems and you can just return the EXPLORER at no cost to you

Case Studies

Our novel approach to crafting top hires ensures you can trust an EXPLORE graduate to get the job done

Large UK
Water Utility

We've spent many years delivering value with our AI Teams into Europe's largest Water Utility

Fixed Line

EXPLORE has spent 5 years working with Africa's largest Fixed Line Provider providing talent to them at scale


Over the last few years we've dedicated small teams to help the Insurer understand and price their credit