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Tell us if you need a cohesive team to deliver a specific Use Case or a set of skills to augment your current team EXPLORE has an extensive set of skills and teams for you Work with us and we can advise what the best solution is.

Finding The
Right Intelligent

Share your business objectives with us and we can assemble a team that is best suited to deliver against your requirements that will fit well in your environment

Choose the size of team you require.

Work to finalise team and interview Tech Lead.

Pick which Intelligent Team you need.

Choose the size of team you

Supplement your Data Factory Augment your Data Science Capability.

Bring able to access flexible skills to deliver on your business requirements requires an elastic, affordable and highly talented solution.

EXPLORE provides our "Intelligence as a Service" where you can find the exact right skill or team for the period that you need it.

Our Scientists have deep experience with the latest tools, technologies, domains and platforms. Pick the Scientist and Team that best fits your needs.

Finding The
Right Tech

By understanding your needs and your environment, we'll provide teams and individuals with the skills needed to solve your challenges.

Choose the size of the team you require.

Finalise the team and interview your Tech Lead.

Pick which Intelligent Team you need.

Choose the size of team you


EXPLORE is a GROUP of companies that has delivered a series of award-winning AI solutions across the world. It employs 100's of world-class Scientists and Engineers who work together in agile, cross-functional teams to build these.

EXPLORE also has a Data Science Academy that has taught 1,000's of yougsters engineering and analytics skills - many of whom go onto work in the EXPLORE GROUP

The GROUP is South African based and therefore offers a significant cost advantage and is able to deliver at scale into the UK at a fraction of onshore costs